GP after Hours – Essential Healthcare Facility

It has caused enormous concern to the healthcare authorities in Australia to learn that as much as a third of the patients who report at the emergency departments at the medical centres have been found to be suffering from minor ailments. The underlying cause of this is that there is not sufficient medical support available beyond a certain time in the evenings. Brisbanetimes.com.au had reported recently that a study was indeed conducted among 300 patients who reported for emergency treatment and also researched the data for a 2-year period. It was done by The Brisbane North Primary Health Network. The basic recommendation emerging out of this report was that there has to be more availability of gp after hours across Brisbane. The fact is such facilities are available and one has to only make some efforts to locate one.

Factors that Matter in After Hours Treatment

The run of the mill health centres offering general practitioners’ consultancy and treatment services mostly close around 5pm. This results in difficulties for the public general. If a working mom wants to take her kid with a cold or cough to the GP after coming back from work, she cannot do so. So she ends up queuing up at the emergency into the long hours of the night with the poor kid. This should be avoided. The other more serious situation is if someone has a mild condition and postpones the visit to the doctor since there is no gp service after hours close by, the condition could worsen by the time the person reaches the doctor finally.

Changing the Scenario

So the obvious solution is to make the provisions available for people to see doctor after hours. It sounds so simple, but it requires some organising to do to make it happen. The clinic has to have the medical practitioners willing to sit beyond their usual working hours. Typically, the clinics (check out http://smartclinics.com.au) that offer after hours medical Brisbane services can accept appointments till 11pm. This is a great help. The only requirement is that the patients have to book the appointment sometime during the day. The clinic normally accepts bookings over the telephone and through email.

Facilities Aren’t Compromised

The thing the clinics keep in view is that the patients availing the service of the gp after hours do not in any way feel out of place and all the facilities that the walk-ins enjoy during normal hours are available to them also. Kids accompanying their moms can find a play area so that the moms can meet the doctor in peace and have the treatment done to her satisfaction. The waiting area itself is done up to make the people feel relaxed and the clinics also make sure the doctor is available and the patient doesn’t have to wait for long.

Besides the availability of the gp after hours on the normal weekdays, there are appointments available during weekends also. If you live in any of Brisbane’s suburbs, look up the website for information on the location, the timings they operate and how to go about fixing the appointment.  http://smartclinics.com.au/location/annerley/